Motivational strategies to improve your lifestyle

Motivation is the difference between getting things done and watching an entire season of your favorite TV show continuously. It is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals. Whether you are trying to complete a project or trying to lose weight, sticking to your goals isn’t an easy task. There is a big […]

The Mindset of Getting Things Done

Are you getting demotivated whenever you go to the gym? Or are you taking forever to complete your assignment? Well, if you’re facing problems in getting things done, you’ve come to the right article. I have made an infographic which explains the two mindsets. Check it out !  

How to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination. It is like a devil which stops you from having an opportunity, the devil which justifies that you have lots of time. It’s a cunning crook that gives you the laziness and inertia of life. You have a deadline approaching. You know you should be doing something rather than mindlessly checking your social media. […]

Subconscious Mind – The Universe Within

A famous quote by Buddha goes as follows: “Our life is the creation of our mind.” This statement has a lot of inner meaning to it. To understand this, we must first know what subconscious mind is, and how it works. SO, WHAT IS A SUBCONSCIOUS MIND? The human brain is the seat of all […]

How to manage Time like a Pro

“Time is really the only capital that any human being has, and the only thing he can’t afford to lose”   – Thomas Edison I agree. Most of us suck at time management. Maybe some of you might have read many articles about it and even installed a few apps on your phone which promised you […]

How to be a Ninja of Productivity

When you’ve got tons of work to do and you just have no idea how to fit all the hectic work in a day, you’ve come to the right article. I sometimes used to have a really hard day, completely messed up with my schedule and lagging behind my plans. Maybe, if you’re like me […]

How to Wake up Early Hack

There are two types of people: the ones that wake up at 5a.m. and the ones that sleep at 5a.m. However, if you are a morning person like me or planning to become one and you have difficulty of waking up early, chances are, your sleeping patterns are not so efficient.  So, how can one […]