Contribute to Enriching Ideas.

Written by Tejasvi

Enriching Ideas is an online platform to inform, inspire and engage the web community by sharing in-depth and well researched articles on “online blogging business” and “hacks to be productive” niche.

This community is mainly for people who want to succeed at blogging and also for people who want to get more things done by being productive.

I initially created this site for people who were looking for ways to be smarter and efficient. However, over the course of time, I have realized that doing smart work is an integral part of maintaining an online community. Even though the focus is little bit more towards the blogging strategies, a part of the blog will definitely be dedicated to lifestyle imrovement.

Types of content accepted

As I mentioned before, this website contains a wide range of topics. Here’s a list that can be covered in the guest post:

  1. Blogging tips, blogging tools and online marketing.
  2. Web design ideas to make the website function smoothly.
  3. Case studies on websites and personal experiences in building an online platform.
  4. Social media marketing, Google Adsense and tips to gain organic visitors.
  5. Time management ideas, study and work hacks to become productive and good at what you do.
  6. Tools that can be used in our daily lives to become smarter, better and productive.

Why contribute to
Enriching Ideas?

Writing for Enriching Ideas gives you an opportunity to share your knowledge and experience with the rest of the world. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to add a valuable backlink to your own website, blog or business. Also, you will be getting an additional contextual link back to your own content within the body of the post.

Submission guidelines

To become a contributor to Enriching Ideas, here are a few guidelines to be followed:

  1. Only well researched and high quality content are accepted.
  2. The content should be focused on adding quality to the readers. Please do not write the boring “10 reasons why you have to travel” kind of posts.
  3. Add images, videos, statistics and links if possible. Make the content more appealing to the readers.
  4. Before writing, please ensure that a similar article has not been published on Enriching Ideas.
  5. Write in simple and understandable language. Explaining ideas in a clear and concise manner is very important.
  6. The quantity of the content doesn’t matter as long as the quality is good. However, in general all guest posts are expected to be above 500 words.

Additional guidelines

Enriching Ideas reserves the right to edit the links and the content. But do not worry! Your tone of the article will be preserved.

All content must be original with relevant sources cited. Content must be exclusive to Enriching Ideas and cannot be re-posted elsewhere.

If you have read the above guidelines, please write an outline of your blog post and email it, as well as any other examples of your writings through the contact page.

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