How to improve mental fitness

How to improve mental fitness

When it comes to fitness, everybody’s primary focus is on their physical health. Hardly a few people know that mental fitness is equally important. I’d like to add a quote from Aristotle: “The energy of the mind is the essence of life”. However, what is lacking in most people is the knowledge behind why mental fitness is important. Let us now look at the mind, when it is healthy:


The connection between body and mind is pretty deep. Your physical fitness and mental health are interrelated. When you are mentally strong, you have the motivation to keep your body healthy. Your willpower can drive you to do amazing things in life. There is so much energy in you when you maintain your mental health.


A mentally strong person knows what he has to do with his life. He can take up any amount of stress in life and yet, he can come out as a winner. When under misfortunes of life, a mentally strong person does not undergo mental breakdown. Instead, he greets the problem with a positive approach.

But how can one become mentally strong? It seems like you can conquer anything by being mentally fit right? Let’s hop on into some of the scientific methods to improve one’s mental health.


Meditation is one of the best exercises for a good mental health. There are many methods to practice meditation. Scientifically, meditation actually re-wires your brain’s neural pathway into making it more stable and stronger. From concentration to happiness, memory to positive approach in life, meditation improves overall mental well-being. It has been followed since ages and yes, it is the most effective method for your fitness. You can start meditating five to ten minutes a day and increase the duration as you like.


As mentioned earlier, body and mind are deeply connected. Exercising releases brain chemicals like endorphins, cortisols and dopamine. These are the “feel-good” hormones which boost your mood naturally. Research has shown that people who exercise minimum five hours a week are less likely to go under depression.


Yes. You read that right. Research has shown that playing video games for about four to five hours a week is one of the best stress busters. Students who play video games have shown better concentration in class. However, video games can be very addictive and one has to be in control.


Music has the power to shift someone’s mood instantly. Changing genres of music has a greater effect than listening to the same genre. This is because, the brain creates new neural connections with different types of songs. Even if you love a specific genre, try widening your perspective and listen to other genres as well.


Exploring other parts of the country or world gives you a better perspective towards life. You will be exposed to different cultures and lifestyles than your hometown. You will gain more insights about life and you feel your problems ain’t a thing compared to others.


Eating junk foods like pizza, burgers and fries induce nothing but mental laziness. To maintain a good mental health, a good diet with perfect amount of proteins, vitamins, fats and carbohydrates is necessary. Did you know that your brain consumes around 20 to 30 percent of the calories you consume? Brain is made up of around 60 percent of fat and it needs glucose to power it. Also, drinking around two liters of water keeps your brain hydrated and healthy. So, always keep a check on your diet.


Do you find yourself spending a lot of your time on facebook or twitter? Well, here’s the truth: Social networks like these tend to give you temporary dopamine surges in your brain when you get an appreciation. (Likes or comments) The more time you spend on the social networks, the more distanced you get from reality. So, why don’t you take a break from the digital society and start accomplishing your dreams?


So, neglecting mental fitness might not be the best thing to do; as the thoughts affect reality. You see, the human brain is the most powerful “ENTITY” ever known to man. The idea is USE IT or LOSE IT; work out your brain cells so they can stay active and healthy.

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place”           – Lao Tzu.


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  1. With so much happening in my own life I badly need to focus on mental health. It can be so important to your own sanity. I love these tips especially meditation. Probably the best way to get your brain stronger and focused is to meditate and simply calm your mind. Love this!

    1. Thank you!
      I’m glad this post helped you!
      Thank you for stopping by. I’d really like you to stay tuned for my future posts..

  2. This was an interesting post! The mind and body are related in so many ways. There are actually therapeutic “video games ” now that help kids with ADHD learn to focus.

    1. Thank you so much!
      I didn’t know about video games helping ADHD..thank you for that!
      I’m glad you stopped by..Stay tuned for my future posts!

  3. Love you final quote by Lao Tzu…so true! Mental fitness is so important and it is connected to the physical body. Great write up that considers all aspects – mind, body and soul!

    1. Thank you so much!
      Stay tuned for my future posts 🙂

  4. Hello, I have a suggestion for the readers who find it difficult to concentrate on something. Video game developers make sure they have sound tracks such that it does not distract you and lets you into a mental state to concentrate on the task. So try listening to video game sound tracks like Assassin’s creed etc. while studying or doing something that needs concentration. Make sure you keep an optimum volume. Hope this is useful. Thanks for reading.

    1. Yup. I’ve listened to many soundtracks on YouTube. It surely helps you with studying or any other task that needs concentration. I’ll be posting up an article regarding the pros and cons of background music very soon. Stay tuned for it 🙂
      Thank you so much for taking your time to comment. Really appreciate it 🙂

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