Subconscious Mind – The Universe Within

Subconscious Mind – The Universe Within

A famous quote by Buddha goes as follows: “Our life is the creation of our mind.”

This statement has a lot of inner meaning to it. To understand this, we must first know what subconscious mind is, and how it works.


The human brain is the seat of all consciousness. It consists of two types namely: The Conscious mind and The Subconscious mind. The conscious mind carries out all our activities; from eating to sleeping, playing games to thinking, and basically everything you do with your effort. Whereas, the subconscious mind does all the activities without even putting any effort to it. Who do you think carries out our breathing, heartbeat, digestion and even has the power to run our brain? It’s the subconscious mind.

Let us take the analogy of the conscious mind being a leader and the subconscious mind being the followers of the leader. A leader cannot exist without his followers and the followers cannot exist without a leader. Both are interdependent.

The subconscious mind, being the follower of a leader, obeys whatever the conscious mind (the leader) says. Whether the deed is good or bad, the subconscious mind follows. When you start giving instructions to your subconscious mind, it shall be carried out depending on your faith towards your subconscious mind. I’ve seen many people asking God with complete faith, to cure their problems, and in many instances, things will go according to their wish. How and Why? What is the connection between subconscious mind and faith? How to instruct the subconscious mind to perform wonders? Let us see in the next section of this topic.


Faith is the most important factor when it comes to the working of your subconscious mind. Whether you ask God or you ask yourself with complete faith, it doesn’t matter to the subconscious mind. When you start thinking of anything CONSCIOUSLY along with faith, it is imprinted on the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is like soil and the conscious thoughts which arise in your mind are like plant seeds. Whether you sow flowering plant seeds or unwanted plant seeds, it’s up to you. But the subconscious mind does its job; grow the plants irrespective of good or bad.

According to a case study done by Dr. Joseph Murphy, a man cured his cancer by repeatedly and consciously saying that his cancer would be cured within a span of one month. His conscious thoughts when mixed with faith made a huge impression on his subconscious mind thus by curing him completely. Another study showed that a man who was depressed said to himself that he was going to die out of trouble. The subconscious mind followed the order and a few days later, the man was pronounced dead with a heart attack. As we can see from these examples, “We become what we think we become”.

The subconscious mind, as mentioned by Napoleon Hill, is the INFINITE INTELLIGENCE which is capable of doing anything. Time has shown us that many successful people, without much school knowledge have reached great heights in the society. This is mainly because of their DESIRE and FAITH in achieving their dreams. Thomas Edison who did not complete his schooling, BELIEVED in having a light source inside a portable bulb, which of course was considered as an impossible task back then. Wright brothers who were mechanics believed that they could take man into sky. Likewise, we have come across many other successful people who have made the impossible, possible. According to Napoleon Hill, the BELIEF and FAITH which these people had, made their subconscious mind do these marvelous things in their life.


Training the subconscious mind to follow your orders is definitely not a difficult task. The key to this secret is to develop faith. How can someone develop faith? That’s simple. Say to yourself every day, “I believe in myself and I have complete faith in myself” or any statement which has a similar meaning. This however is the only known method to induce FAITH IN ONESELF. It has been tested since ages and a lot of research has been done by great people like Napoleon Hill and Dr. Joseph Murphy. The only way to get what you want is to have faith and say positive statements to yourself EVERYDAY. Here are a few tips while giving affirmations to yourself:

    • Make a short list of your goals and start believing that you have already accomplished it. Start imagining the picture about yourself when you achieve the goal. Say to yourself every day that, you have the capacity and intelligence to achieve your goals.
    • Never make any negative comment about yourself. Remember the guy who killed himself by saying that he’s going to die. So, never think negatively.

    • REMEMBER THIS: When you want to accomplish something in life, every positive comment you make about it takes you a step towards your goal. But making negative comments puts you back far away from reaching the goal.

For all these methods to work, you must repeat the positive statements EVERYDAY until it is firmly imprinted on your subconscious mind. However, don’t keep digging the soil to check if the plant is growing. It’ll take its own time and eventually you will feel the action of your subconscious mind.


The subconscious mind is the seat of all intelligence. It has infinite power and intelligence to achieve anything in life. Since every human being has the capability of achieving the impossible, it is up to you, to guide your subconscious mind and tap the infinite realms of possibilities.

“There is a whole universe within”


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